Monday, April 09, 2007

Finding A Way

Finding A Way…

It has been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. I’ve thought about it often even to the point of outlining articles in my mind. You will hear great rejoicing the day a computer exists that picks up my thoughts and takes care of the articles, web updates, books, new programs, etc., as they come to me.

The main reason for my absence was due to a very serious, traumatic family situation that occurred just before Christmas. What happened was not on anyone’s calendar. These things happen whether we understand them or not. In situations like this people often ask “why?” and expect an answer that makes sense. Most often there is no reasonable response to “why?” this or something like it happens in our lives. What is important is how we choose to be with the “stuff” and situations that show up in our lives.

We pulled together as families often do in situations like this. And I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, healing energy and Angels. These played a key role in things turning out the way they did. The healing has begun for all affected. For this I am most grateful.

Finding a way to be with and effectively handle situations like what my family experienced isn’t always easy. Following are some of the things that were helpful for me.

. Acknowledging my feelings and allowing myself to feel them. The key for me was in not allowing my feelings to take control of my thinking or my actions. Another part of this was in not taking anything personally and being mindful of the stress, fear and tension everyone was experiencing.

. Staying focused in the present moment. Playing “what if”, “it could have been ________”, “I should have…”, “ why didn’t I/ you …?” or any other mind game is of no help in the immediate situation. Focusing on what is allowed me to take appropriate action and be of greater service to those around me.

. Reaching out for support whether for prayers, getting things done or simply having someone listen is a strength, not a weakness. We live in an interdependent society. So many people are ready, willing and able to help if we simply ask.

. Communicating clearly and concisely along with asking questions to clarify understanding was of utmost importance.

. Practicing extreme self-care. Some of you reading this might think this is selfish. On the contrary, I would have been of little use in the situation if I did not take care of my needs or do things that help me to refresh, rejuvenate and maintain my physical, mental, emotional or spiritual stamina.

. Journaling on a regular basis was a way of expressing my thoughts, feelings, concerns and gaining clarity. My journaling practice is sometimes a meditation, sometimes a form of processing and often a way of connecting with Source and my True Nature.

. Finding humor and looking for the good in the situation (once the crisis stage has passed in my case). Yes it was possible to eventually find humor and good in spite of the circumstances. I can see that healing of old woundings has occurred. I and my family members have found an inner strength that came forth and served us well. Most importantly we once again were reminded of how precious life is.

There were/are other things that were helpful. These, however, are the key ones.

By the way, one important insight for me relates to the value and importance of my work with enthusiasm. As I observed those around me, I saw how they drew upon their inner reserves to be with what was taking place. Connecting into and honoring our gift, power, energy, force, etc., of enthusiasm allows us to develop resiliency for when the tough stuff of life shows up. This resiliency then serves as a resource for us to be with what is showing up and move beyond it.

In the Flow of Finding A Way…


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