Friday, October 30, 2009

The ABC's of Enthusiasm!

I am often asked for an easy way to remember the various aspects related to Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It. Following are the ABC's of enthusiasm to serve as a quick reference guide.


As you can see from the above ABC list, there are things to contemplate, things to do, qualities to embrace, or at a minimum, 26 words you can write and say to assist you in connecting with your enthusiasm.

In Joy,


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Monday, October 26, 2009

WINning In The New Workplace

I recently facilitated a program called How To WIN In The New Workplace. The foundation for this program has bee simmering for quite some time. It is great to bring it to reality and share/explore the concepts of winning and the new workplace with many others.

Following are two simple yet important ways to win that I thought you might like to ponder.

Welcome change & creativity
Information & Initiative
New view

Wit and humor

(C) 2009 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enthusiasm! & The Flow of Life

Well friends,

I've been offline for a short while, primarily due to a flu adventure from which I am still recovering. It has slowed me down a bit physically. Yet, my enthusiasm is only slightly subdued. And I find many blessings to give thanks for each night in my gratitude journal. I accept that this is what is showing up in my life now. And as the old saying goes, "this too shall pass."

Following is a quote you may find of interest. It's from In The Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth.

"...It would appear that your job is the means of attracting money from the world. And of course it is, but there is so much more involved. You are a focus of affluence of heaven and Earth. The work is the contact by which a flow may unfold. The need is to "practice the Presence" of this inner flow. Meditate on the ideal that the creative process of the universe is rushing, streaming, pouring into you from all sides while you do your work. Get this feeling so strongly that your whole being bubbles with enthusiasm and your fingers tingle with power. Working with this consciousness, you are in the flow of life. Your work will be done effectively, but without ego. And because there is a true spirit of giving, there will be a fulfilling demonstration of receiving."

Wow. There is a lot to think about in this statement.

Are you in the flow? Or are you blocking the flow?

How often have you experienced your whole being "bubbling with enthusiasm and your fingers tingling with power"?

In what ways have you felt the fulfilling demonstration of receiving as a result of your true spirit of giving?

How about experimenting for a week by "practicing the presence of this inner flow" as suggested above. Then watch what happens.

In The Flow of Life,


(C) 2009 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Riding the Carousel

I have been blessed with the opportunity to observe and experience different facets of enthusiam recently.

One area is with working with others on a project. An aspect of this for me involves planning a regional conference, for which I am also presenting. There are many things that need to get done for a conference whether it's one day or one week. Some things flow well, other things can get a bit bumpy along the way. Seeing how others involved are responding, regardless of how the pendulum swings, is proving to be fascinating. Especially when I become aware of what continues to ingite the spark of enthusiasm, creativity, solution seeking, critical thinking, looking for the good, etc. for each person involved. It's different each time for some, unexpected for others and fairly consistent for a few.

I admit there have been a few situations that made me wonder, " what was I thinking". Fortunately, they passed quickly. And for this I give thanks.

For those readers who are wondering:

. the conference is the Carousel of Change. It's for workplace learning and performance professionals, managers, leaders, change agents and anyone looking to discover what's going on now in business.

. my program: How To WIN With Trianing In The New Workplace.

Here's to Riding the Carousel with ease.


(c) 2009 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Points to Ponder

Here's what Charles Swindol says about enthusiasm:

* Knowledge without enthusiasm is like a tire without a pool without a bed without a "thank you" without a smile.

* Athletes feed on it.

* Salesmen are motivated by it.

* Students fail without it.

* Leadership demands it.

What would you add to the above list?

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Nature & Enthusiasm

In the book, Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It, the gifts of nature are mentioned in relation to enhancing the flow and connection with enthusiasm. This time of year is a great time to step outside, unplug for a few minutes to be in nature (the longer the better). Observe the sights, sounds, smells. Really allow yourself to take it in.

Nature is a model for change and transition, along with how to move through the myriad transitions and/or transformations in life with greater ease.

"...nature is all about creativity, the creative cycles, contrasts and possibility."
- page 51, Enthusiasm!...

As you prepare for your nature excursions, ask for clarity and insight related to one specific situation or issue you are experiencing. Then walk or sit or garden or...and allow nature to bless you with a response. This may come in the moment or later. It may be literal or metaphorical. Be willing to open to what comes, when it comes. You may be surprised by the answers you recieve. And you'll be refreshed. The more time you can spend unplugged while in nature, the easier your insights and benefits come.

Here's to the Joy of Harvesting,


(C) Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moving Through Barriers to Enthusiasm!

Change often marks the end of one thing and the beginning of another. This cycle can lead to excitement or fear, sadness and many other emotions. This cycle of change may be repeated and with the seasons of the year. Or it may be a sign of completion, termination, etc.

With things as they are in current times, it is quite easy to go from one thing to the next to the next without honoring the thing, situation, relationship, job...or whatever the source of the change in your life. This way of being can affect the flow, experience and expression of enthusiasm. Not to worry because two key things you can do are:

1. Acknowledge the situation, where you were and where you are now. Also consider your contributions, growth, lessons learned, people you worked with or anything else that you choose to reflect upon. Write it in your journal or notebook. It may not seem like much when you read this step. Yet I can personally testify to what happens when one buzzes through life and the power, wisdom and insight gleaned by this process.

2. Allow yourself to grieve the ending, change and/or loss. Grieving is sad yes. Grieving isn't always pretty or on a specific timeline (give it two weeks then you are done). Not allowing yourself to grieve can manifest illness, undue stress, stifle your enthusiasm and so much more. It is the equivalent of a kink in a hose or a stuck valve.

I am currently in the midst of a grieving process that began with the passing of my sister-in-law who also happened to be my friend. Honoring my need to grieve this loss also opened the door to the other losses, endings, changes that were stuffed away. What I am discovering is certain physical symptoms easing or disappearing completely. Along with this is the awareness of how much I love and appreciate the people, circumstances and things in my personal and professional life. For myself and others, this process also allows us to become more resilient, wiser and intentional in all areas of our lives.

Allowing yourself to grieve makes sense when a friend or loved one dies. Grieving job loss and career transition is equally important for drawing from your well of enthusiasm, especially as you prepare for interviews, networking events and your next job focus.

Remember to honor where you have been, the change(s) that take place and allow yourself to grieve are two ways to move through any related barriers to expressing and experiencing enthusiasm.


(c) 2009 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Enthusiasm! & Change

This morning I had the opportunity to speak before 170+ people on the topic of Getting & Keeping Enthusiasm Especially In Times of Change and Uncertainty. This was a great group of people who have had or are currently in the midst of significant changes in their lives. There was only so much to be discovered and explored in an hour program. So I thought it might be a good idea to continue the discussion here on the Enthusiasm! 4U blog for the rest of this week.

As you have come to realize, the topic of enthusiasm is rich, broad and deep. That's also the case when it comes to change and transition. How one is--what they think, feel, believe and do--in times of change and transition makes a huge difference for them and those around them. This whole change process can be an enhancement to one's life or a barrier to enthusiasm, overall well-being and achieving positive results.

Change involves going from the known to the unknown. Stepping into uncertainty is what the unknown is all about. One way to make sure this whole change thing doesn't become a barrier to your experience and expression of enthusiasm is to think about other times when you have experienced significant changes in your life, both personally and professionally. Then identify and write down specific things you did to get through to the other side. This list becomes your template and guide for current and future times of change and transition. You could make this a part of your Enthusiasm! Sizzle Kit(sm), which allows you to keep your energy and enthusiasm reserves built up.

Here's another look at the change and transition process.

People don't resist change; they resist transition. It is difficult to leave behind the "old" ways, even if the new way is exciting and appealing. People resist the loss of their identity (and sense of security)...

-William Bridges

Flowing with the Shifts,


(C) 2009 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Friday, October 02, 2009

Power of Dreams

Here's a quote you might find interesting.

...when people are pursuing their dreams, they bring a different kind of energy to every relationship and environment. That kind of energy exudes enthusiasm, a get-things-done attitude, and a passion for life that is contagious. These are the traits of every great team, and the working values of every great relationship.

~ Matthew Kelly
author of The Dream Manager
Some people are afraid to dream especially in light of the current business, economic and cultural climate. What can begin to change things and reduce or eliminate the fear? Quite simply...allow yourself to dream. Dream big. Then map out what it will take to make your dream real. Break your dream down into specific steps. Begin taking action starting with baby steps if necessary.
Additional suggestion for realizing your dreams include:
One more thing to remember the words of that often quoted sage Anonymous: "The only way to begin, is to begin."
Here's to dreaming BIG dreams.
(C) 2009. Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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Thursday, October 01, 2009

2009 Month of Enthusiasm! Kickoff

Well time certainly has flown by, as another year has come and gone. Not that I am complaining. Quite the opposite because today, October 1, marks the beginning of the Month of Enthusiasm!

Once again I'll be providing tips, tools, insights, points to ponder and more to celebrate and create awareness about enthusiasm, keeping your well full and your fountain flowing along with how to harness the power of enthusiasm in your personal and professional life.

To kick off the 2009 Month of Enthusiasm!, here's aquote from Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose.
Enthusiasm means there is deep enjoyment in what you do plus the added element of a goal or vision that your work toward...At the height of creative activity fueled by enthusiasm, there will be enoumous intensity and energy behind what you do. You will feel like an arrow that is moving toward the target~and enjoying the journey...

Here's to Joy on the Journney,


(C) 2009. Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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