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Breakthrough the Barriers to Enthusiasm!

Breakthrough the Barriers to Enthusiasm!

One of the key aspects of my work with enthusiasm is to guide people and organizations in how to break through the barriers that keep them from their expression and experience of enthusiasm.

Throughout the years many people have reported that stress is one of their biggest challenges, both at home and work. What I have come to discover is that by breaking stress down into the various factors that cause it, one can then effectively handle stress. This is the primary focus of, Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! Discovering what to do when your get up and go got up and went. In the first part of the book you will find 11 of the more common areas related to how stress shows up in our lives. Also included are specific tips on what to do about them. The 11 areas include stress related to:

* Balancing Work and Home

* Boundaries

* Change

* Communication Challenges

* Environmental Factors

* Fear

* Focus of Attention

* Others

* Self-talk

* Time and Timing

* Work

Breaking through the barriers is so important, this post is the beginning of a series focusing on how to:

Zap Stress Before It Zaps You

“Stress has positive aspects and not so positive, both of which you
may have experienced. There are numerous books, articles and resources
available that go into great detail about stress, both positive and negative,
and the effects it has on our lives, work, health and owe it to yourself to reduce the stress that can deplete your energy at all levels.
Stress has a variety of factors and nuances…look more specifically into some of the things that cause us distress, zapping our energy and enthusiasm.”

~Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! page 15

Seven Tips to Increase Energy, Vitality and Abundance In Your Life

Determine your focus. Are you living in the past or the future and forgetting the present? Are you focusing on what is or on what isn’t?

Engage enthusiasm. The power, energy, force…of enthusiasm brings about many gifts in all areas of your life.

Speak your truth. It is in the speaking of our truth that we can find peace and freedom.

Spend time in contemplation. Quiet time for yourself, whether in contemplation, meditation, prayer or solitude brings peace and calm to body, mind, spirit and heart.

Exercise often. This is essential for physical, mental, energetic…vitality and stamina.

Refresh. Relax. Rejuvenate. Recharge. Taking time for you is honoring and respectful.

Treat each day, each moment as a special gift. Time is a gift that passes quickly, never to return.

Bonus: Surprise yourself and others with the gift of gratitude and appreciation. Opening to gratitude and appreciation brings more things into our lives to appreciate and for which we can be grateful.

In the Flow of Ease and Serenity…


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