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Enthusiasm and Spirit

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm and Spirit

After 17 years one would think I had exhausted all aspects of enthusiasm. Quite the contrary ~ the depth and breadth of my interest and exploration continue to expand. This dynamic energy, power, force, expression…is quite rich in scope. My reasons are many and varied. One reason is the wholistic nature of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm touches every aspect of our lives: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energetic, creative, inner and outer, personal, professional, family, community and more.

Frequently the connection between enthusiasm and spirit comes up in programs and discussions with others. Some people are already aware that enthusiasm is a noun derived from :

Greek enthousiasmos, enthousiazein, to be inspired, be possessed by a god, inspire - enthous, entheos, possessed by a god, en-, in + theos, god.

One person described it as, “A spark, something that comes out of nowhere, a feeling that drives your inner spirit and forces your physical body to follow suit.” And one of the many ways I have experienced enthusiasm is/has been, “…the dynamic expression of Spirit manifesting through us.”

Here are some additional ways people have defined their connection as it appears in the chapter, Enthusiasm…comes From in the book, Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It (page 70 print book; page 53 eBook):

Enthusiasm! Comes from…Spirit/Spiritual

Recognition of a higher purpose
Relationship with God
Openness to Spirit from within

A definition of my Christ Center perhaps
It radiates from you as a person
Love of life
A strong faith in a higher power
It comes from the Soul and from the Spirit within us
The soul of my being
It is the recognizing and acknowledging of truth
Your Spirit, or inner source of life
God, to get yourself out of the way and let God come through
Your personal spirit energy
God – our continual realization of our union with the infinite
Have faith in the Lord
From within my Soul and God
Enthusiasm comes from the blessing of an interested god
The natural soul’s response to grace

Contemplating on the above can stir a deeper appreciation for that connection in our own lives. You may want to open to the gifts of awareness and mindfulness as you engage in your daily routines this next week to discern how the connection between enthusiasm and spirit manifests in your life.

And now it seems appropriate to end with a quote from Stephen Simon:

As spiritual beings living a human existence, we are ultimately defined by our choices and our lives provide us with certain opportunities to redefine and even reinvent ourselves...


…In the Way of Spirit,


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