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Enthusiasm and Your Environment

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm and Your Environment

Have you noticed that when the topic of enthusiasm comes up most of the discussion relates to people? Granted the people side of things is more noticeable. Yet there are other factors that relate to and affect enthusiasm. One of the biggest factors is our environment.

Environmental factors include your home, personal space, car, yard (if you have one), office, desk, places you go, and the outdoors. Design elements, colors, space layouts, furniture, flow, clutter, textures, plants, smells, etc. are just some of the things that can affect the ebb and flow of enthusiasm for yourself and those around you.

Our environment plays a significant role in our well-being — physically, mentally and emotionally. Workplace morale, productivity and profitably are also affected including the ever pervasive stress.

Following is an excerpt from the book, Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! Discovering what to do when your get up and go got up and went., that discusses environmental factors, questions to consider to reduce any related stress and enable you to keep your enthusiasm fountain flowing.

Stress related to Environmental Factors stems from our tangible and intangible environment. The tangible relates to the physical, i.e., home, car, work area, restaurant, etc. Is the physical environment cluttered, clean/tidy, easily accessible, warm and inviting? Do you have everything you need within easy access?

Intangible environmental factors relate to receptivity, energy, mood, tone, etc. Do you feel welcome upon entering? Is there a sense of negativity or friction? Sometimes we can enter a place and feel tension so thick it is palpable. Other places we enter make us feel like VIPs or special guests. What to do in either case…

. Keep things clutter free and tidy as best as possible. This includes personal “stuff”, e-mails, unfinished tasks, things in out of the way places, clothing and other items that are no longer used.

. Rearrange furniture, plants, files, etc. so they are more functional or create a different look to your space.

. Avoid places that do not nurture you physically or energetically.

. Be mindful of what you bring into your physical space. Be aware of how you feel when in different types of environments, making mental note of things that support or deflate your energy, mood, enthusiasm, etc.

. Find ways to connect with nature whether with pictures, plants, indoor fountains, scenic calendars or anything else that works for you.

Begin now to take a look around you with a special focus on tangible and intangible environment factors in all areas of your life. Make the necessary changes, such as fresh paint, warm colors, bringing in inspirational items, etc. And in going forward, be mindful of how you affect your environment by the choices you make, as well as how it affects you.

In the Creative Flow of Enthusiasm!


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