Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Enthusiasm! Points to Ponder

Enthusiasm! Points to Ponder

I collect quotes of all types. I appreciate the depth of insight from a few well-chosen words. Following are quotes I came across while clearing some files.

Without the right expectations, we lose our enthusiasm for life.
~ Joel Osteen

It is not our abilities that show us what we truly are,
it is our choices.
~ Dumbledore to Harry Potter

I have an attitude of expecting good things.
I am abundantly, greatly blessed.
~ Anonymous

If you are involved in some kind of project right now, or launching
any personal endeavor, your enthusiasm (or lack of it) will directly
determine how successful this undertaking will be.
~ Neale Donald Walsch

Expectations, choices, attitude all relate to enthusiasm. Enthusiasm directly affects outcomes. So where are you with regard to the above?

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Enthusiasm and Creativity

Enthusiasm and Creativity

Did you know there is a strong link between enthusiasm and creativity? In some ways creativity could be considered a natural result of one’s experience and expression of enthusiasm. For many people creativity, innovation and engaging in the creative process cause them to be enthusiastic.

Following is an excerpt from Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It in response to the question: What generally causes you to be enthusiastic?

Creativity; engaging in the creative process

For those of you who are reading this and saying something like, “this ain’t mine because I am not creative.” Stop! Stop lying to yourself. Sounds harsh—perhaps, but this has come up too often in my Enthusiasm and creativity programs or any of the programs I facilitate where creativity is even casually mentioned. So let’s clear things up right now.

· Everyone is creative. Yes, that’s correct, everyone is creative!

· Creativity is expressed in myriad ways in all areas of life; in the various roles people have whether personal, professional or volunteer.

· Some people express their creativity through the fine arts, sculpting, music, dance or writing.

· Other people express their creativity through how they interact with others, solve problems, do more with less, effectively handle multiple projects, handle the difficult people encountered in their job, find solutions where others may not see any, effectively communicate, work with team members, see patterns emerging, just to name a few.

· There is a strong link between creativity and enthusiasm.

· Creativity, engaging in the creative process and enthusiasm are dynamic. They are also high-energy vibrations. Check out Power vs. Force by David Hawkins for more information on this.

Creativity, creative expression, engaging in the creative process can mean different things to each one of us reading this. Following are more general suggestions…

· If this is one of the things that cause you to be enthusiastic, be sure to schedule time to do those things that connect you with your creative side. Even if it is only 5-10 minutes a day, you owe it to yourself to consistently schedule creative time.

· Keep a list of ideas that spark your creative juices. Another alternative is to keep a file folder or notebook where you write down ideas, collect pictures from magazines, save articles or anything else that you can use later.

· Experiment with doing things in different ways. Ask questions such as: “What if…?” or “Is there another way to ________?” or “Is there a better way to ________?” or “If I were working with _________ (name a person or character), how might they approach this?”

· Take some classes, in person or online, that are directly related to creativity or that may connect you with different ideas that spark your creativity. I’ve taken classes on How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, How the Brain Works, The Life of Mozart, and How to Make Table Top Water Fountains to name a few.

· Incorporate color in your environment. Color is energizing. Color stimulates the brain. Color also affects our moods.

· Spend time in nature. Nature has a wonderful way of inspiring creativity. After all, nature is all about creativity, the creative cycles, contrasts and possibility.

· Be aware of all the different ways you are creative and innovative. Make it a point to observe your interactions with others or how you handle various aspects of what you do at home or work. Write your insights down. This then becomes your creativity insight guide.

· Pay attention to compliments you receive from others. Compliments and praise can be clues as to areas where you express your creativity.

· Talk to and read about creative people in different areas including the arts, business, humanitarian endeavors, inventors, politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, everyday folks like you and me.

What causes you to be enthusiastic?

Situations that challenge me to use my creativity”
“Art projects, crafty things…when my creativity is engaged…”
“Formulating a new idea and bringing it to fruition.”
“Having the freedom to create and accomplish things.”

May you find joy and more as you continue to harness the power of your enthusiasm and creativity. To guide you, I’ll be posting additional articles, tips, etc. here and on the A System that Works website.

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