Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enthusiasm Fuels A Nation

Enthusiasm Fuels A Nation

The spark of enthusiasm has been ignited! People from all around the world have witnessed the power of enthusiasm swell in the United States of America. And on this day, January 20, 2008, Barack Obama became our 44th President.

Time and time again I have heard references to and observed enthusiasm from media, the crowds, campaign workers, people from all ages, stages and walks of life. What began two years ago may have started out slow. Then it began to build far beyond what was ever imagined.

Yes, for the past few months especially, we have seen Barack Obama — a man who is confident, charismatic, insightful and much more — follow his hopes and dreams to achieve, to lead and to guide a nation into a new way of being, in spite of the odds. What we have been witness to is so much more that one man, a man who exemplifies the many levels and expressions of enthusiasm, passion, clarity, focus and engagement.

Throughout the campaigns and election process people have chosen to wake up, show up and take action. They tapped into their own wells of enthusiasm, even though they may not state it that way. With this enthusiasm, together we shall continue to dream, to hope, to rise above the many seeming obstacles before us, individually and as a nation.

We are a part of history in the making. Let us continue to keep our sparks ignited as we harness the power of enthusiasm today and throughout the months/years ahead.

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