Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Enthusiasm! @ Work ~ Excellence

Enthusiasm! @ Work ~ Excellence

I was looking through my various files and notebooks with quotes and came across one in particular that you may also find of interest.

"If we learn to balance excellence in work with excellence in play, fun and relaxation, our lives become happier, healthier and a great deal more creative."

~Ann McGee Cooper

This touches on key aspects of enthusiasm and how to harness its power with our work, as well as ensuring work/life balance.

Excellence in work means being and doing your best. Excellence in play and fun, both personally and professionally, refers to mindset, attitude, actions and the approach one takes--literally and fuguratively. Excellence in relaxation provides the opportunity to apply an integral and wholistic focus so we can approach our work refreshed and renewed.

Happiness is a state of being, not a specific destination or thing acquired. Honoring the meaning and intention behind this quote soon leads to happiness as a natural state of being for us, regardless of outer circumstances.

More and more people today are making good health and well-being a priority. Isn't it nice to know you don't have to do additional "things"; simply do what you do well with intention and mindfulness.

Many times in these posts I've written about the link between enthusiasm and creativity. Tapping into what causes us to be enthusiastic, bringing it to the forefront of our work enables us in working optimally. This bring us to a joyful state where the creative spark is ignited and allowed to flouish.

As you look at this list

Balance, excellence, work, play, fun, relaxation,

happier, healthier, creative

you come to discover that these are more than words. They are ways of showing up. They are also goals and ways of being to realize in our everyday living.

Don't wait any longer.

Begin now to make this your personal mantra. Perhaps you may choose to adapt the quote to something you can take on as your own. For example,

Every day I choose to balance excellence in work with excellence in play, fun and relaxation. My life is easily becoming happier, healthier and a great deal more creative.

This is definitely something to be grateful for.

With Excellence and Balance,


© 2010 Antoinette S. Webster. All Rights reserved.


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Care and Concern

Care & Concern ~ Thank You

My thanks and appreciation to all who have let me know you were wondering where I was and what I was up to, especially since it has been a while since my last post.

It is heartwarming to know the various thoughts, words, insights, inspirations, quotes, posts, etc., have had an impact on readers and Enthusiasm! 4U blog followers. Your ongoing care and concern touch me deeply and warm my heart.

To sum things up, especially since October 2009, I have experienced a variety of what I like to term "adventures". These adventures have been professional and personal; physical and otherwise; involving me as well as my family; some have related to the "stuff of life" along with the "tough stuff of life".

One of the areas and signs of my personal growth and development, is that I have come to accept these adventures. No longer do I label or hold the energy of things as bad or good, even though some of them may not be particularly pleasant at the time. These experiences/adventures are part of the process of life and living. I learn from them gaining wisdom along the way.

My preference for the term 'adventures', instead of problems/ challenges, spontaneously came about a few years ago. For me the term adventure has an air of mystery where I can use my strengths, discover new skills and call upon my relisiency to sustain me through whatever may unfold. My resiliency comes from my ability to connect with my fountain of enthusiasm because my well is constantly maintained as you know from reading previous Enthusiasm! blog posts.

Here Now, in this moment, things are flowing. Spring in the US has brought forth reminders of growth, beauty and inspiration all of which fuel and sustain. They also remind me of the power and forces available to, for and through us.

My blessings to you all. And once again thank you for your outpouring of care and concern. You are all treasures and inspirations to me and those whose lives you touch.

With Joy & Appreciation,


(c) 2010 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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