Monday, October 09, 2006

Magnificent Monday Motivators

Antoinette S. Webster M.E!, MBA presents Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm in Celebration of the Month of Enthusiasm!

Format: your choice of

eCourse (sent every Monday)

and/or a

Telegathering @ 2 p.m. and 9 p.m. Sign up for one or both; the questions asked and insights shared will vary for each call (phone charges may apply depending on your long distance carrier)

Focus: 10/2 The Physical aspect of our lives
10/9 The Mental / Cognitive aspect of our lives
10/16 The Spiritual aspect of our lives

10/23 The Emotional aspect of our lives
10/30 Going Forward

Investment: F r e e

Register Now @ 513.887.0600, or

There are 2 ways to benefit from the MMMs. #1. is a weekly eCourse where you gain insights and background into the Focus for the week as it relates to enthusiasm, learn how to engage the focus in a greater way, along with 6 additional suggestions/tips for motivating yourself the rest of the week.


#2. Participate in a 30-45 minute live gathering over the telephone where you can ask questions related to the Focus for the week and experience a powerful process/exercise to support you in going forward.

* * * * * * * * * *
Technology is great!

Now I don't always exclaim this about technology. Yet as I write this post I do think and feel that it is great, because it has come to me to begin posting brief Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm on this blog. These shall serve either as reminders of what you may already know and hopefully do. Or they will provide insights and tips that you can use in your everyday livingness.

Also I am in the process of creating Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm podcasts that may relate to the blog postings or something completely different. It all depends on what comes to mind. So far I have been experimenting with unscripted musings, insights and processes that listeners can use to keep their enthusiasm fountain flowing.

More to come soon.

With Joy & Enthusiasm!


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