Monday, October 16, 2006

Magnificent Monday Motivators

Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm ~ Spiritual Focus

Life is a mystery.

Part of the mystery is the awareness of that something greater than ourselves. Often it can’t be seen or touched. And yet there are examples of this something greater all around. Some refer to this particular mystery as Spirit, God, Source, The Great Creator, Allah, Father/Mother, Yahweh… The experience of the mystery can be referred to as spiritual.

In various aspects of my work, I am often asked what is enthusiasm? The answer to this question is part of the mystery of life, for I do not have one specific, concrete response to the question.

The following is an excerpt from Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It.

Enthusiasm! Is…interesting to define. It means different things to
different people. And at the same time, it is many things. According to
Webster’s New World College Dictionary, enthusiasm is defined as:

n. [Gr enthousiasmos < enthousiazein, to be inspired, be
possessed by a god, inspire < enthous, entheos, possessed by a god < en-,
in + theos, god] 1. [Historical] supernatural inspiration or possession;
inspired prophetic or poetic ecstasy … 4. something arousing such interest or
zeal –Syn. Passion

And from WordWeb we have it defined as:
n. Enthusiasm 1. A feeling of excitement, 2. Overflowing with enthusiasm, 3. A
lively interest

(Author’s Note: check out the definitions of inspiration and inspired
for additional depth into the definition of enthusiasm.)

Enthusiasm is dynamic, which is one reason why the definition is open-ended.

Of all the ways I experience this power/energy/force, one thing I know is that it is the dynamic expression of Spirit manifesting through us.

Other ways to look at and think about enthusiasm from a Spirit/Spiritual perspective includes:

Recognition of a higher purpose and connecting with the inner awareness that you are here for something good and meaningful, whether or not you know for certain what it is. Keep in mind that everything matters. Everything makes a difference.

Having a relationship with God (or whatever term is your preferred) in a way appropriate and comfortable for you. In some ways being in relationship is like dancing with the mystery of life.

An openness to Spirit from within. There is something about being open, a willingness perhaps, that resonates with me. How about you?

It radiates from you as a person. Consider what is it that is radiating from within you? How is it expressed and experienced in your outer life?

Love of life, regardless of what life holds for you. This seems like an embracing of the gifts and the mystery of life.

Your Spirit, or inner source of life relates to allowing your personal Spirit to align with the larger Spirit, the Source of all that is.

To get yourself out of the way and let God come through. I know from my own experience how much easier and simpler life is when I get out of my own way. This involves trust. It also involves relaxing, releasing, surrendering and allowing.

In going forward I invite you to be with AWE: Awareness, Willingness and Enthusiasm. And be mindful of what inspires you in all areas of your life.

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