Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Enthusiasm! @ Work

Focus on Your Work Environment

There are many ways to spark enthusiasm, just as there are many ways to keep it flowing on a regular basis. Yes it is one thing to ignite the spark and another to keep the fires burning and the fountain flowing. One key way that is often overlooked relates to the work environment.

This article focuses on the physical environment. Your office, cubicle, workstation, your car—where you physically work—plays an important on your efficiency, effectiveness and your attitude. Consider the following:

What does you workspace look like? Is it neat and tidy? Or is it messy and disorganized?

Do you have everything you need, where you need it?

Can you access the information/resources you need quickly and easily?

How do you feel when you enter your workspace? Is your workspace inviting and energizing? Is your workspace distressing and depressing?

Do you have color, plants (where permitted), photos, picture calendars or anything else that connects you with something of personal interest?

Some of you reading this may take pride in your piles and stacks of stuff. You’ll justify that you can find what you need. Or you’ll say you like to have your work where you can see it. This isn’t a problem so long as you are being completely honest and operating out of a prosperity mindset versus a lack mentality. Hmm that’s worth looking into more closely.

It makes sense to foster an engaging, comfortable work environment that supports you in optimizing your gifts, talents, abilities and potential. This is especially true for two reasons. First consider how much of your time is spent at work. Then consider how your work life affects all other areas of your life.

Antoinette Webster M.E!, MBA, is the author of Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself and Keep It, Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! and the forthcoming Enthusiasm! @ Worksm series. She is a Master Enthusiast who has been facilitating programs, researching and writing about enthusiasm since 1990.

As an Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Life/Balance/Spirit Coach+, Antoinette guides people and organizations to move through barriers so they can harness the power of enthusiasm. Also, she is the President of A System that Workssm, which focuses on professional and personal transformational growth and development. Visit to find out more about our programs, personal profiles, products and services. Or contact Antoinette at 513.887.0600,

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