Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Enthusiasm! @ Work

Enthusiasm! @ Worksm
…at The Music Cafe

Last night I had the opportunity to witness and experience Enthusiasm! @ Work in many different ways. It was at The Music Café, which is an open venue for musicians. For eight years now, the fourth Tuesday of every month is a time for musicians of all types to gather and perform in front of a highly appreciative audience. Five different acts perform a 25-minute set in a comfortable, café type setting at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio. Enthusiasm was at work with…

The Performers

Each of the acts for this evening had previously played at The Music Café and couldn’t wait to return. This particular evening, each act performed original music. It was a privilege for me to once again witness people doing and being their passion. At times it was electrifying.

Their enthusiasm for music, singing and songwriting caused them to connect more fully to what they were doing. Naturally, this paved the way for them to deliver a terrific performance. It also promoted a strong connection with the audience. Then there was the support and encouragement they offered the other acts.

One of the acts was a four-person band. The lead singer and founder of the band made it a point to acknowledge each of the band members several times during their set. This was refreshing especially at a time when more people than not appear to be out for their own interests.

The Volunteers

The Music Café is an all-volunteer effort and has been since its inception. Now if you have ever been involved in a volunteer anything, you know that turnover can be high. Well that is not the case here. There has been very little turnover through the past eight years. The volunteers play to their strengths and work together to co-create a smooth, welcoming event month after month while having fun in the process.

Performers are treated like royalty, as are the patrons. People who have toured nationally always comment that they have received the best treatment at The Music Café and would love to play again when they are in the area.

Hats off to the volunteers who keep The Music Café going and going and going.

The Patrons

A loyal following has developed over the years. The audience genuinely listens to the performers. They also appreciate the eclectic nature that awaits them every fourth Tuesday of the month. The line-up could be anything from singers/ songwriters of all musical styles, Native American Indian flute music, to a high school jazz band, classically trained Chinese musicians or belly dancers accompanied by live drumming.

People gather at round tables with family, friends and strangers alike. Everyone has a good time whether for a few minutes or the entire evening. And they keep coming back.

The Sponsors

The Music Café has been such a positive, welcomed venue the sponsors — The Fitton Center, Lebanon Citizens National Bank and the Journal News — are happy to offer their on-going support.

Good music, pleasant atmosphere, and so much more filled the room last night. Writing about it gives you a hint, yet doesn’t fully capture all of the magic and nuances of Enthusiasm! @ Work on the fourth Tuesday of November 2006 at the Fitton Center in Hamilton, Ohio. So I extend the following invitations to you so you may discover for yourself.

· Check out to view the line-up for this month, see pictures from the evening, discover who has performed in past shows, along with what’s coming up in the future.

· If you are a musician, sign up to perform. Currently they are booked 3-4 months out. You don’t get paid cash but you can sell your CDs and be treated like royalty. Also you’ll have a link on

· Let me know when you’ll be traveling to southwestern Ohio near the fourth Tuesday of any month. I’d love to treat you to a cup of coffee, provide a little tour of the area and end the day at The Music Café.

Antoinette Webster M.E!, MBA, is the author of Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself and Keep It, Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! and the forthcoming Enthusiasm! @ Worksm series. She is a Master Enthusiast who has been facilitating programs, researching and writing about enthusiasm since 1990.

As an Author, Speaker, Facilitator and Life/Balance/Spirit Coach+, Antoinette guides people and organizations to move through barriers so they can harness the power of enthusiasm. Also, she is the President of A System that Workssm, which focuses on professional and personal transformational growth and development. Contact Antoinette today at 513.887.0600, Visit to find out more about our programs, personal profiles, products and services.

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