Monday, December 04, 2006

Magnificent Monday Motivators

Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm ~
Busy-ness vs. Prosperous Productivity

“Have you been busy?”

Interesting question. You may have been asked this many times and replied “Yes.” Or, perhaps someone has said, “How have you been?” And you replied, “I’ve been busy!”

I responded the same way. That is until I realized the power of my words. A few years ago, in the midst of piles and paperwork—and lots of frustration—I asked myself why I wasn’t spending more time on things that brought joy, excitement, pleasure and increased income.

At that point the lightning bolt struck. The small voice inside told me I had programmed myself to be busy. And busy I was! However, I was not always busy doing the right types of things.

Our thoughts and words program our minds to take action; they are like input data. We provide input by using affirmations or self-talk—either positive or negative. So every time I responded or told someone, “I’ve been busy”, I was affirming busyness.

Refusing to be “busy” any more, I decided whenever anyone asked, “Have you been busy?” my response would be, “No, I am prosperously productive!”

My life has changed dramatically. Being Prosperously Productive beats being busy any day.

So, how have you been?

In the Flow of Prosperous Productivity,


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