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Magnificent Monday Motivators

Magnificent Monday MotivatorsSM ~

A System that WorksSM for…Work/Life Balance
Part 2

In Part 1 of this series we began exploring A System that WorksSM for…Work/Life Balance

Welcoming it and giving yourself permission to live a balanced life.

Opening to elegant ideas then watching the magic happen.

Relaxing your mind and body every day to keep you fresh and alert.

Keeping it simple at home, work and with all of your endeavors.

In Part 2 we’re going to go a little deeper in our exploration.

First let’s consider how light touches and laughter connect you with the joy of life. Things tend to become easier when we learn to apply a light touch to our everyday livingness. We are able to see and handle things with a more clear perspective that naturally results from light touches. Remember life is serious, yet doesn’t have to be taken seriously. You’ll also find that objectivity and discernment come more easily as well.

Laughter also gives us a boost physically, mentally and emotionally. Humor is its own source of medicine and has been well documented. There is also an area of psychology that has emerged, which focuses on happiness. I am not making this up. There are many now involved in the field of happiness psychology, each one making great inroads in the overall health and well being of others.

In addition to light touches and laughter, inquiry leads to a greater depth of insight. Use the gift and power of effective questions for yourself and with others. Now it is one thing to ask effective questions and another to listen for the answer. Listening effectively goes hand in hand with asking effective questions. Two great resources that can assist you with this are: Enlightened Leadership: Getting to the Heart of Change by Ed Oakley and Doug Krug and the Personal Listening Profile®**.

Flexibility serves you well in your personal and professional life. Flexibility allows you to flow with the shifts and shift with the flow. Opening fully to the gift of flexibility can help you with how you handle situations, whether planned or not. It also helps you with relationships, productivity, communication, creativity, stress reduction, critical thinking and so much more. Some behavioral styles vary with their level of flexibility. Do keep in mind that this is a trait and skill that can be developed and honed. I do know that playing soccer and racquetball helped me with flexibility in the respective sports and well as in my personal and professional life. Puzzles, walking labyrinths and dance/movement are other ways you can work with and on flexibility.

Exercise your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis. Physical exercise is great, yet it is not the only type of exercise that supports work/life balance. Exercising the mind through reading, puzzles, solving problems and singing are just some of the things you can do. Spiritual exercise can vary from prayer, meditation and contemplation to spending time in nature, reading inspirational works, listening to music, focusing on gratitude and appreciation or simply connecting with the gentle quiet. Exercising you body, mind and spirit supports you on all levels. Exercising in each of these areas supports balance in that respective area. Together they support balance in all areas of your life.

Initially you may think and feel that this is a lot of work. And it just may be depending on how balanced or out of balance your work/life may be. A great quote comes to mind: The only way to begin is to begin. For this next week, I invite you to explore work/life balance with just one, two or all of the above suggestions. Consider that your life did not get out of balance over night. With that in mind give yourself a break as you start new, start fresh. Remember the light touch and the gift of keeping things simple. This opens the door for the elegant system that works for your work/life balance to present itself.

In the Flow of Balance,


** Personal Listening Profile® is a self-assessment that allows you to discover your preferred listening style and how to adapt to the appropriate listening style as needed for various situations. Contact Antoinette for more information at **.

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