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Magnificent Monday Motivators

Magnificent Monday Motivatorssm ~

A System that Workssm for…Work/Life Balance
Part 3

Today we continue with Part 3 of 3 in our discussion and exploration for creating A System that Workssm for…Work/Life Balance.

Following is a recap of eight key tips discussed in Parts 1 & 2.

Welcome it. Give yourself permission to live a balanced life.
Open to elegant ideas then watch the magic happen.
Relax your mind and body everyday to keep you fresh and alert.
Keep it simple at home, work and with all of your endeavors.
Light touches and laughter connect you with the joy of life.
Inquiry leads to a greater depth of insight. Use the gift and power of effective questions for yourself and with others.
Flexibility serves you well in your personal and professional life.
Exercise your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis.

And now here are seven more points to help you find the work/life balance you desire and are so deserving of having .

Boundaries are important. Remember you are responsible for yourself; you are responsible to others. Setting clear boundaries is often one of the biggest challenges people have. This is especially true for parents and certain behavioral styles. Yet having clear boundaries at home, work and in all areas of your life is a gift you give to yourself. It is a gift you also give to others. Here are questions you can ask yourself to help clarify boundaries.

Does “this” need to/have to be done now? Yes or No.
If yes, does this have to be done by me? Now? (Note: you may want to ask this question two or three times to get to the actual/true answer, especially if setting boundaries is hard for you to do, or if you have an underlying need to feel wanted/needed.)

Also, be aware that being able to establish clear, firm boundaries may take time if this has been a particular challenge for you.

AWE is the key. Be with Awareness, Willingness, Enthusiasm! Yes, I’ve written about this before. And it bears repeating. Work/life balance becomes easier when you are aware of what causes you to be out of balance along with what it feels/looks like when your work/life is in balance. Willingness to break the out-of-balance habit and live a balanced life paves the way to making it reality. Enthusiasm and its causes for you also serve to live a balanced life and develop resiliency especially when the tough stuff of life shows up.

Listen. Listen. Listen.
…to what is said and what is not. This is important when in communication with others. Also pay attention to mixed messages.
…to your intuition. In addition to listening to your intuition, honor it and take appropriate action in alignment with how you are so guided.

Attention, related to your focus, can lead to greater clarity. Are you focusing on what is? Or are you focusing on what is not? Your focus of attention plays a big part in creating and maintaining work/life balance. Glean the wisdom from the past. Trust yourself; trust what you know. Accept what is in your life now (remember acceptance does not mean agreement or that you like “it”). Then choose how you intend on being with what is showing up in your life. Ask yourself what you can do to have work/life balance with what is showing up in your life now. Then listen for insights and take appropriate action.

No is a complete sentence. “No.” does not need to be justified. People that have difficulties with setting boundaries often have difficulty saying ‘no’ as well. Practice saying ‘no’ objectively and firmly, without justifying or sounding wimpy or uncertain. Do give a concise reason when asked, only if appropriate.

Communicate clearly, concisely, honestly. Remember that we are always communicating, us to others and others to us. Effective communication is the hallmark of consistent work/life balance. This too is a gift you give yourself and others. A big part of effective communication includes the messages we give ourselves along with how well we listen to ourselves regarding our needs, preferences, desires and wants. Communication is so important, you may want to create an affirmation, such as: I communicate clearly, concisely, honestly in all areas of my life.

Eliminate unnecessary tasks and distractions at home and work, for yourself and others. Many times people do and allow things out of habit. Use the above tips to help you to be clear and focused when it comes to eliminating unnecessary tasks and distractions. Stake a firm claim on your time, energy, resources, relationships, environment, goals and intentions.

These 15 tips serve as a map or blueprint of sorts for you to begin creating work/life balance for yourself and co-creating it with others. Many thoughts are coming to mind as I think about those of you who read this. I am aware of the various stages and events of life. Some are planned some are not. Some of us grew up in chaotic or dysfunctional environments so that is our frame of reference, which means we may not have a clue as to what a balanced life means. One thing I do know is that living out of balance for extended periods leads to health concerns or disease, stress, relationship problems, unfulfilled dreams, decreased productivity and so much more personally, for our families and in the workplace. In the workplace the impact of an out-of-balance workforce can cost in the millions of dollars. Now don’t be alarmed. I haven’t said this to depress you or cause you to be overwhelmed. Remember the power of awareness.

Two quotes, from the wise philosopher Anonymous, come to mind that seem fitting.

“The only way to begin is to begin.”
“That which you are seeking is seeking you.”

May you find that which you are seeking. And may you honor what works for you as you take one step, then another, then another…

In the Flow of Work/Life Balance,


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