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Enthusiasm! and Forgiveness

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm! and Forgiveness

Do you know what the connection is between enthusiasm and forgiveness?

Throughout the years I have found many people who are looking for ways to move through the barriers that steal their attention, deplete their energy, negatively affects their life and work experiences, and interferes with their experience and expression of enthusiasm. These are otherwise knows as Enthusiasm ZappersSM.

The need for forgiveness is one of the biggies when it comes to Enthusiasm ZappersSM. Why? Because it can keep us stuck in the past. One’s thoughts and feelings center around: being a victim, resentment, should’s, powerlessness and fear. The focus is on the past, wishing things were other than they were. Projection is also a big part of the forgiveness package, or lack thereof.

The gifts, power and blessings connected to forgiveness are phenomenal. This is true for yourself and anyone else involved. There are numerous books, articles and support materials related to forgiveness. Forgiveness is an art and a science for at the root of forgiveness is love.

When we hold on to the negative feelings we stop the flow of energy, which also stops the flow enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a present moment experience; the need to forgive is centered around things in the past, which causes these two to conflict. The image that comes to mind now is a garden hose with a big kink in it. No water can flow until the kink is straightened out.

My own personal and professional journey has brought me many gifts and lessons. Some of the lessons I would have preferred to learn in some other way. My journey has opened me to many insightful, fascinating and sometimes harsh experiences. One thing I do know is that it wasn’t until I began heart-centered transformational training, radical forgiveness, ‘loving what is’, owning my projections, and working with the Life Energy Alignment Process** that my life truly changed.

Heart-centered transformational training showed me what it meant to use the power, energy and light of the heart. Along with this is understanding what it means to embrace unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. The true power and gifts of this work came when I could focus it on myself, first, then in relationship with others. (For additional insights on this and projections check out

Radical forgiveness has profoundly transformed and healed me. Prior to radical forgiveness, I had done forgiveness every way possible; and I do mean every way. Still, there were things that would not shift for me. At times the burden was heavy; my heart was closed. There are many things that make this specific path to forgiveness radical. For me the things that stand out, even still, include:

· nothing bad happened. This was huge for me.

· It was okay to love myself even though I may be harboring ‘unloveable’ feelings and resentments, even loathing of myself or others involved.

· There was a Soul connection to the lessons learned from the various experiences (not necessarily the specific events), whether I understood it or not (now this was another biggie for me…I didn’t have to understand it, acceptance was enough).

· Others involved were healing angels for me. I admit most often I did not see them that way at the time.

· It was okay to tell my victim story, feel the feelings, collapse the story and create a new story. It is my new story that I am living.

. I only needed to focus on what was before me at that point in time that needed forgiveness and healing.

I think you get the point by now. (For additional insights check out

I discovered The Work by Byron Katie around the same time as radical forgiveness. Byron Katie focuses on Loving What Is as it is in our life. This is profound. The key is in our focus of attention, i.e., focusing on what is or focusing on what is not. Next are our judgments, expectations and beliefs around a person(s) or situation(s). Forgiveness is a part of this work as well. (For additional insights check out

As I come to a close with this once again I ask, do you know what the connection is between enthusiasm and forgiveness? For me it is freedom and joy along with reclaiming my personal power. What might it be for you?

In the Elegant Flow of Joy & Enthusiasm!


** What is LEAP? LEAP is a method of emotional healing, transformation and positive change. LEAP uses what we now know about the human energy field, quantum physics and the Science of Deliberate Creation to restore us to the vibrations of peace and joy. Antoinette is a certified LEAP II Practitioner. To find out more or schedule a session by contacting her as indicated below.

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