Monday, October 15, 2007

Enthusiasm and Keeping the Mind Fresh

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm and Keeping the Mind Fresh

In the current mode of information overload, one challenge can be in keeping our mind and thoughts fresh. Information overload affects us at work, with family and in our personal lives. Reasons for this are many; they may vary for each of us. The key is in us keeping control instead of being controlled, which gives way to stress, tense relationships, fuzzy thinking, fatigue, missed deadline, etc.

. Acknowledge that this can be a challenge. This acknowledgement does not mean you are weak or an awful person. It means you are willing to take charge of your life in a caring, genuine manner.
. Mindfulness is next in line when it comes to planning our day, and in how we show up throughout the day.
. Give yourself permission to set boundaries with yourself and others. Setting boundaries is a sign of respect and extreme self-care.
. Set aside specific times, throughout the day/week, to check messages and make or return phone calls and e-mails. Also set aside specific times for mundane tasks so you can focus on what is important and essential. Do what works best for you and your lifestyle. What make sense for one person won’t necessarily work for another.
. Make time for fun and enjoyment. Often if you don’t make the time, the time for these things does not happen. Fun and enjoyment are essential on a regular basis. Daily is preferred; weekly at best.
. Take a mental bath. That’s right. Give yourself permission to mentally wash away any and all stressors, nags, lists, projects, voice- and e-mails, undone tasks—anything that can zap your energy and focus of attention. Mental baths are wonderful ways to recharge throughout the day and/or just before going to bed.
. Create a list of successes, simple pleasures, inspiring quotes, anything of this nature that you can use to inspire and delight you.
. Design positive self-talk statements that speak to your gifts, talents, abilities and desires. Print these on colorful notepaper or index cards and place them where you can see them often throughout the day.
. Select funny and insightful cards then randomly mail them to you. Write a note to yourself telling you how great you are or reminding you of something significant you have accomplished.
. Read a children’s book, a book for young adults and a book on a topic you know nothing about. This can fuel you personally, as well as recharge your creativity and imagination.
. Play, not just video games. Break out the board games, go to a park and play on the swings, play make-believe with your kids (borrow a neighbors if you don’t have any kids of your own), go to the zoo, skip, jump rope, break out the modeling clay and finger paints…do anything that engages the sense of play and playfulness. Play is another way to take you out of the daily grind and refresh your mind, body and heart.
. Engage in regular exercise, whether it is walking, aerobics, swimming, yoga, pilates, stretching, lifting weights or…Exercise has been proven to benefit our minds as well as our bodies.
. Laugh and giggle, daily. The benefits of this are medically documented for physical health (massaging of the organs) and especially mental healthfulness. There is even something called laugh yoga that is developing a large following.
. Allow yourself time in the gentle quiet. This can involve time set aside for contemplation, prayer, meditation and even solitude. Quieting the mind is essential for our overall well-being and ease in the midst of information overload.
. Honor the various expressions of enthusiasm, whether they are of a more exuberant nature. Or you may even find yourself and others in the midst of quiet, gentle expression of enthusiasm. All are allowed. All are okay.
. Repeat quietly or aloud: relax, relax, relax while remembering to breath in deeply between each word and exhaling slowly.

These are just for starters. Feel free to add your own mental refreshments to the above list. Before you know it you will be refreshed, renewed and revitalized on a regular, even daily basis.

In the Flow of Joy & Enthusiasm!


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