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Enthusiasm! ~ Honoring Your Natural Style

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm! ~ Honoring Your Natural Style

Life is a mystery. How we show up in the various situations, events, circumstances, stages and ages of our lives does not have to be a mystery. The more we know and understand about ourselves, i.e., likes and dislikes, preferences, styles, etc., the easier and more exciting can be our journey.

Likes and dislikes might seem an easy one to figure out. Though, I invite you to reflect upon what it is behind your likes and dislikes in order to gain greater clarity. For example, you may like the opera. Reflect upon what it is about the opera that you like. Digging a little deeper may reveal key insights relates to your experiences and expressions of enthusiasm.

Clarifying your preferences is one form of self-care. There is a distinction between likes and preferences. Personally I like spending time in nature, often immersing myself in nature. I also like camping. However my preference is to camp where restroom and shower facilities are within a mile walking distance. Others may like nature; yet their idea of camping is a comfy cabin.

Exploring one’s style opens to door to greater awareness of what makes us tick. Often when we learn what makes us tick, we also discover what makes other’s tick. Let’s take a look at just some of the styles worth exploring. We have our:

· learning style, which relates to how we learn new information. One tool I use for myself and in several of my training programs can be found at Here you will invest a few minutes to determine whether you are a visual, aural (auditory), read/write or kinesthetic learner. Often how we learn is how we convey information to others. This is good to know, especially with our interpersonal relationships.

· behavioral style**, which relates to our specific behaviors with regard to our environment and situations we encounter. The DiSC® Classic behavioral style profile provides a wealth of information on four specific styles. The four styles are: Dominance (direct, decisive, focused on accomplishing tasks), influence (optimistic, outgoing, focused on people), Steadiness (sympathetic, cooperative, “team/family” oriented), Conscientiousness (concerned, focused on quality and accuracy). Something to keep in mind is that we all possess each of these styles. One or two may be our primary style.

· team/creative style**, focuses on one’s approach to innovation and teamwork along with their role on the team. Your approach to tasks could be conceptual, spontaneous, normative and methodical. Your role within the team could be either that of a creator, advancer, refiner, executor or flexor.

· listening, leadership, problem solving, communication, decision making and fashion style are a few more, among many others, that contribute to who we are and our life experience.

In addition to the above, there are the two basic personality types: introvert (inner directed) and extrovert (outer directed).

All of these aspects touch on who we are, how we show up, how we handle “the stuff of life”, how we experience and express enthusiasm, and so much more. Discovering our many facets can be interesting and entertaining. They can be sources of strength, personal power and clarity. Insights gained from personal exploration enrich our lives, relationships, work and legacy.

Cherish your gifts, talents and abilities. Trust yourself and trust what you know. Treat yourself and others with respect. And as you go forward remember to honor your natural style.



**Would you like to find out more about your style? Antoinette can help you with the DiSC® Classic Behavioral Style Profile, Team Dimensions Profile® , Personal Listening Profile® and the Dimensions of Leadership Profile®. Contact her by e-mail or phone as shown below.

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