Friday, October 12, 2007

Feelings Evoked by Enthusiasm

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!
Feelings Evoked by Enthusiasm

As multi-sensory beings, we all have the tendency to experience emotions in a variety of ways. Sometimes we may even experience the same emotion differently than before due to circumstance or the stage of our life at the time.

When it comes to enthusiasm, itself an emotion, myriad thoughts and feelings manifest. Following a just a few quotes that define individual insights into feelings evoked by enthusiasm.

For some Enthusiasm is:

“…an abundant amount of energized excitement.” ~L. Colling

“the state of joy through which creativity flows.”

“Joyous expectation of or participation in a specific event.”

“A joy from within that emanates with a smile on someone's face.”

“A sense of peace with myself before I can get excited about myself externally or anything else.”

“Feeling passionate about something, the fire in the belly, and a happy hum through the body. Being eager and excited to get started with the day, or whatever it is that has me 'fired up'.”

“Enthusiasm is the joy in life that you share with those around you.”

“Happiness and energy to do the things you'd like to do.”

“A happy desire to contribute and be a part of life.”

I feel even more enthusiastic just reading these. From the above you can see a close link with joy and happiness and enthusiasm. It’s hard to say which comes first; that depends on the individual experience.

Other references to how some people feel when they think about enthusiasm include:

Zest for life, lust for life, love of life, on fire, sizzling, inner radiance, energized.

Whatever the feeling, honor it. Trust it. Seek it. Embrace it. Harness the power of enthusiasm through it.



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