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Having an Enthusiastic Mindset

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

Having an Enthusiastic Mindset

There are many ways to experience and express enthusiasm that are unique to the person and the situation. One key factor affecting the experience and expression of enthusiasm relates to having an enthusiastic mindset.

As W. Clement Stone says, “Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses a person to action.” From this we get a sense of how the power of thought, when connected to enthusiasm, leads to inspired action. The results of inspired action are quite different from that of just going through the motions. The relationship, between thought and action, is further clarified by one program participant when asked, “where enthusiasm comes from”.

“…Within yourself. If you act positively, live life with the right attitude and set your mind in the right direction, you have the basis from which enthusiasm is derived.”

Following is an excerpt from my book Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It(SM) from the chapter, Enthusiasm! Is caused by…

Your attitude, having a positive attitude

Without a doubt, attitude affects enthusiasm. Attitude is one thing we have control over. How we choose to respond to circumstances directly affects our response to outcomes. Can we always control circumstances? No. Can we always control outcomes? This certainly would be great, but once again the answer is no. However, we can control our attitude toward both the circumstances and outcomes.

As a professional and an entrepreneur, I attend a lot of luncheon, dinner and networking meetings. I admit there have been times where I much preferred to do something else but would attend anyway. When I would go with a begrudging attitude, the meeting was a waste of time. When I made it a point to treat it as an adventure, having fun in the process, the meeting was great. Interestingly, I have had similar experiences attending family events with similar results.

. If this is one of the things that cause you to be enthusiastic, then pay attention to your thoughts. Our thoughts affect our attitudes. Our attitudes affect our actions. Be mindful of the messages you give yourself either silently or aloud. Experiment with this if you aren’t sure or don’t believe it. You have nothing left to lose and much to gain.

. Take time to think about the ideal outcome for meetings, how you want your work to flow and interactions with others. This is on way to program yourself for your day. Capture a statement supporting the outcome. Write the statement down and state it often, silently or aloud. Some examples of statements I have used include:

· “This is going to be a great meeting.” (after all I am in charge of defining great.)
· “I am prosperously productive.” (by the way, this sure beats being busy any day)
· “I’m excited!”
· “My ideas flow with ease, clarity and focus.”

Take some time to reflect on your thoughts and attitude, even writing them down, so you may continue to develop an enthusiastic mindset. You may be amazed at the inspired action that emerges in all areas of your life.



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