Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Power of Enthusiasm @ Work

October 2007 Month of Enthusiasm!

The Power of Enthusiasm @ Work

Following is one of my favorite quotes related to enthusiasm.

"Enthusiasm is a state of mind that inspires and arouses a person to action. It is contagious and affects not only the enthused, but everyone with whom he or she comes in contact.

Enthusiasm is to a person what gasoline is to the engine of an automobile; the vital moving force. It is the fuel with which great leaders inspire their followers…If you mix enthusiasm with your work, it will never be difficult or monotonous. It will be fun and exciting."

—W. Clement Stone

The first paragraph of this quote relates to two key aspects. One is the individual aspect of mindset and inspired action. The second focuses on the “contagious” nature of enthusiasm. This is especially important in the workplace. What can be done for one can also be done for many.

In the second paragraph, W. Clement Stone uses a powerful comparison of enthusiasm being like gasoline to an automobile engine. Both are key. Both are a form of dynamic energy. With enthusiasm great leaders can inspire followers to take action. This often comes about because of the resonation between leaders and followers; they are in alignment with each other often due to the connection with something greater. This something greater may vary with circumstances. Yet it is through the power/energy/force of enthusiasm that the leader was able to show his or her followers the possibility with greater clarity.

I have heard from many people and program participants about the myriad gifts received and given when they tap into their well of enthusiasm while at work. Their productivity increases because they have connected to what causes them to be enthusiastic. This connection keeps them at a higher vibration. Enthusiasm provides the path to greater clarity, focus, initiative, creative ideas and so much more. This is true from an individual and a collective (work group or team) perspective. Joy comes. Fun and excitement comes. These and more soon become a natural experience of work. The results and rewards are amazing.

Here’s to you tapping into the power of Enthusiasm! @ Work, at all levels and in all ways.



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