Thursday, November 01, 2007

Going Forward with Enthusiasm!

Going Forward with Enthusiasm!

The 2007 celebration of the Month of Enthusiasm! has come to an end. It was a great month.

People often ask me if October is the only time they are to be enthusiastic. Naturally the answer is "of course not", because enthusiasm is always with us. And it is in our best interest to continue to open to, hone, harness the power of, explore, discover, remember, reconnect with... our gift/power/energy/force and flow of enthusiasm throughout the year.

In going forward, give yourself permission to continually tap into your well of enthusiasm. Remember, too, that it is natural to experience the various levels of enthusiasm and other emotions that ebb and flow in our everyday livingness.

Many articles, tips and insights have already been posted on this Enthusiasm4U blog. You can review them on a periodic basis. Also more postings will be added. Set the intention now to become aware of the myriad ways you and those around you are enthusiastic. If you haven't done so already, pick up a copy of Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It and Igniting the Spark of Enthusiasm! Discovering what to do when your get up and go got up and went.

May you go forward knowing that you have already set things in motion simply by showing up, saying yes thus far.

Many blessings to you and in all areas of your life.

With Joy & Enthusiasm!


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