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Enthusiasm & Simple Pleasures

October 2008 Month of Enthusiasm!
Enthusiasm & Simple Pleasures

Each person has at least one or two things that cause him or her to be enthusiastic. Reminding yourself of what causes you to be enthusiastic helps to continue to draw from you well of enthusiasm, especially with all that is going on personally, with our families, at work, in our communities and around the world.

Following is an excerpt from Enthusiasm! How To Draw It To Yourself & Keep It that may help you find a bit of calm and serenity.

Simple pleasures

Ah, the simple things in life can be the most satisfying. Simple pleasures are just that, pleasure gained from the simple, everyday things or experiences life brings us. Yes, even in a world of high-tech, fast pace, information overload, major multi-tasking, and instant everything it is the simple pleasures that can get you through these things and more. What’s even better is that simple pleasures usually are no or low cost.

Congratulations are in order if this is one of the things that cause you to be enthusiastic. You haven’t bought into what the various forms of media keep telling us we can’t live without. Your formula for getting in touch with and keeping the flow of enthusiasm in you life involves the simple things that bring you pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment.

For those who find the thought of simple pleasures appealing, slow down. Fully engage in the moments and experiences that you may have overlooked in the past. Take the full amount of time you have for lunch. Sip and savor your coffee/tea/ favorite beverage instead of gulping it down. Go to a park to sit and watch what is going on around you. Have an ice cream cone where you really feel the textures and taste flavors as you slowly lick it. Play with children. Remember your favorite things from childhood and do them when you can. Allow free time where you do nothing. Take a break from media (yes all media) for a day.

Create a list of simple pleasures with your family. Write them down on slips of paper. Keep them in a special container where you can pull one out and enjoy. These can be anything from doing puzzles to playing leapfrog, finger painting to exploring a creek, to…also preparing meals and baking together is a great family treat. Note: Often families who enjoy simple pleasures do so without the television or computer as the focus of their connection with each other.

What causes you to be enthusiastic?

“Something that captures my attention—problem solving, looking for clues, art, writing, beauty, meditation, faith.”

“My family and their well-being is the true source of my happiness and enthusiasm toward life.”

“Life in general and the fact I have been blessed with so many wonderful, caring family and friends.”

“My wife’s smile, my children breathing.”

Here’s to the simple, calm flow of enthusiasm in all areas of your life.


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