Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enthusiasm! & The Flow of Life

Well friends,

I've been offline for a short while, primarily due to a flu adventure from which I am still recovering. It has slowed me down a bit physically. Yet, my enthusiasm is only slightly subdued. And I find many blessings to give thanks for each night in my gratitude journal. I accept that this is what is showing up in my life now. And as the old saying goes, "this too shall pass."

Following is a quote you may find of interest. It's from In The Flow of Life by Eric Butterworth.

"...It would appear that your job is the means of attracting money from the world. And of course it is, but there is so much more involved. You are a focus of affluence of heaven and Earth. The work is the contact by which a flow may unfold. The need is to "practice the Presence" of this inner flow. Meditate on the ideal that the creative process of the universe is rushing, streaming, pouring into you from all sides while you do your work. Get this feeling so strongly that your whole being bubbles with enthusiasm and your fingers tingle with power. Working with this consciousness, you are in the flow of life. Your work will be done effectively, but without ego. And because there is a true spirit of giving, there will be a fulfilling demonstration of receiving."

Wow. There is a lot to think about in this statement.

Are you in the flow? Or are you blocking the flow?

How often have you experienced your whole being "bubbling with enthusiasm and your fingers tingling with power"?

In what ways have you felt the fulfilling demonstration of receiving as a result of your true spirit of giving?

How about experimenting for a week by "practicing the presence of this inner flow" as suggested above. Then watch what happens.

In The Flow of Life,


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