Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Moving Through Barriers to Enthusiasm!

Change often marks the end of one thing and the beginning of another. This cycle can lead to excitement or fear, sadness and many other emotions. This cycle of change may be repeated and with the seasons of the year. Or it may be a sign of completion, termination, etc.

With things as they are in current times, it is quite easy to go from one thing to the next to the next without honoring the thing, situation, relationship, job...or whatever the source of the change in your life. This way of being can affect the flow, experience and expression of enthusiasm. Not to worry because two key things you can do are:

1. Acknowledge the situation, where you were and where you are now. Also consider your contributions, growth, lessons learned, people you worked with or anything else that you choose to reflect upon. Write it in your journal or notebook. It may not seem like much when you read this step. Yet I can personally testify to what happens when one buzzes through life and the power, wisdom and insight gleaned by this process.

2. Allow yourself to grieve the ending, change and/or loss. Grieving is sad yes. Grieving isn't always pretty or on a specific timeline (give it two weeks then you are done). Not allowing yourself to grieve can manifest illness, undue stress, stifle your enthusiasm and so much more. It is the equivalent of a kink in a hose or a stuck valve.

I am currently in the midst of a grieving process that began with the passing of my sister-in-law who also happened to be my friend. Honoring my need to grieve this loss also opened the door to the other losses, endings, changes that were stuffed away. What I am discovering is certain physical symptoms easing or disappearing completely. Along with this is the awareness of how much I love and appreciate the people, circumstances and things in my personal and professional life. For myself and others, this process also allows us to become more resilient, wiser and intentional in all areas of our lives.

Allowing yourself to grieve makes sense when a friend or loved one dies. Grieving job loss and career transition is equally important for drawing from your well of enthusiasm, especially as you prepare for interviews, networking events and your next job focus.

Remember to honor where you have been, the change(s) that take place and allow yourself to grieve are two ways to move through any related barriers to expressing and experiencing enthusiasm.


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