Friday, October 02, 2009

Power of Dreams

Here's a quote you might find interesting.

...when people are pursuing their dreams, they bring a different kind of energy to every relationship and environment. That kind of energy exudes enthusiasm, a get-things-done attitude, and a passion for life that is contagious. These are the traits of every great team, and the working values of every great relationship.

~ Matthew Kelly
author of The Dream Manager
Some people are afraid to dream especially in light of the current business, economic and cultural climate. What can begin to change things and reduce or eliminate the fear? Quite simply...allow yourself to dream. Dream big. Then map out what it will take to make your dream real. Break your dream down into specific steps. Begin taking action starting with baby steps if necessary.
Additional suggestion for realizing your dreams include:
One more thing to remember the words of that often quoted sage Anonymous: "The only way to begin, is to begin."
Here's to dreaming BIG dreams.
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