Monday, October 12, 2009

Riding the Carousel

I have been blessed with the opportunity to observe and experience different facets of enthusiam recently.

One area is with working with others on a project. An aspect of this for me involves planning a regional conference, for which I am also presenting. There are many things that need to get done for a conference whether it's one day or one week. Some things flow well, other things can get a bit bumpy along the way. Seeing how others involved are responding, regardless of how the pendulum swings, is proving to be fascinating. Especially when I become aware of what continues to ingite the spark of enthusiasm, creativity, solution seeking, critical thinking, looking for the good, etc. for each person involved. It's different each time for some, unexpected for others and fairly consistent for a few.

I admit there have been a few situations that made me wonder, " what was I thinking". Fortunately, they passed quickly. And for this I give thanks.

For those readers who are wondering:

. the conference is the Carousel of Change. It's for workplace learning and performance professionals, managers, leaders, change agents and anyone looking to discover what's going on now in business.

. my program: How To WIN With Trianing In The New Workplace.

Here's to Riding the Carousel with ease.


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