Monday, April 12, 2010

Life is Short

Life is Short. Don't wait.

Following is something I wrote this morning as I was reflecting on a family situation from this weekend.

Another reminder of the things one ought not need reminding of...
* health is precious, let's take care of ourselves.
* life is short, don't wait...
~ discover early what truly matters.
~ stay connected.
~ be open about expressing, giving and receiving love.
~ hugs are like gold.
~ time is a priceless treasure.
~ don't wait...or it may be too late.
~ put aside agendas and need to be right.
~ create memories that fuel and sustain.
~ love, live, laugh.
~ play in whatever way connects to the child within who believed and was free.
~ it's okay to feel, acknowledge and express your
feelings, holding them in only hurts more in the end.

~ dream, dream BIG.
~ reach for the stars, again and again.
~ take time for quiet and rest.
~ love yourself, take care of yourself.
~ respect your gifts, talents, abilities.
~ be your beautiful, authentic, radiant self.
~ give thanks for everything that comes.
~ love what is.

Here's to the quality of life...and remember life is short. Don't wait.


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