Monday, October 13, 2008

2008 Month of Enthusiasm!
The Power of Our Words

Many people have experienced the power of words, both words spoken by others and by him or herself. The more we pay attention to what we say to ourselves out loud and mentally, the easier it is to gain clarity on our focus. This includes how our words may influence what is showing up in our lives.

Following are statements and affirmations you may want to experiment with.

I express and experience Enthusiasm in my own unique ways.

Enthusiasm is contagious...spread it around.

I ignite the spark of Enthusiasm!

Enthusiasm is a present moment experience.

Enthusiasm spurs me on to great accomplishments.

Zap the zappers before they zap your energy and enthusiasm.

One way you can work with these statements is to either start with the first statement or select one that sounds good to you. Write it down at least three times. Next say your chosen statement aloud three times, taking in a deep breath after you say each statement. Then commit to saying the statement aloud several times throughout the day ~ perhaps 10 times each morning, afternoon and evening before you go to bed.

There are six statements listed above. Consider selecting a different statement each day or work with one statement per week for the next six weeks. Notice how you feel as you go about your day/week.

Drop me an e-mail if you would like to discover additional ways to work with these positive statements and affirmations in order to deepen your experience.

Here’s to the power of words.


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