Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 Quick Ways to Recharge Your Enthusiasm

October 2008 Month of Enthusiasm!
5 Quick Ways to Recharge, Renew and Rekindle Your Enthusiasm!

The cycles of change are increasing. The unkown lurks at every corner. Events all around us can zap our energy, increase stress, hinder our work and relationships. That is if we let them. If you are wondering what to do, here are five quick ways to recharge, renew and rekindle your enthusiasm.

1. Check your posture. Our posture tends to shift during times of stress and uncertainty causing us to hunch over or slouch. This is a contracted state which interfers with our breathing, flow of energy and vitality. Pull your shoulders back. Make sure they are lowered instead of being up by your ears. You will begin to notice tension releasing from your neck and shoulders. Your breathing will also improve providing more oxygen to your blood and brain.

2. Move! Now is not the time to become or remain a couch potato. Movement ~ whether shifting your position, standing and stretching, or taking a walk ~ and exercise are simple ways to keep your energy flowing. Whatever type of movement, stretching and exercise you choose, do it daily. Otherwise we can become stiff and stagnant physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically.

3. Smile. That's right, smile. I've said this many times, smiling is one of the easiest ways for us to draw from our well of enthusiasm.

4. Watch your words. Remember your words are powerful. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it. Are your words falling in line with what is on the news and in the media...doom and gloom, fear and lack? Or are your words positive, encouraging, optimistic and from a prosperity consciousness? What we say and how we say it directly affects our outcomes. Consider having a short statement to keep your attention and intentions focusing on what you want, that serves you in positive, powerful ways. Two that I have been using frequently include: "I choose to be present with the present." And, "I am grateful for all the good flowing to me now."

5. Unplug. Yes, I know I have written about this before, yet it bears repeating. We are bombarded with so much information. On top of this are all of the roles, activities and commitments of our personal, family and work lives. It doesn't take long for us to become overloaded, overburdened and overwhelmed. We must take responsibility for our lives, sanity and choices. Choosing to turn off the computer, tv, telephones (yes cell phones and text messaging), commitments, etc. restores our energy; allows us to relax physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. The world will not come to an end. You won't really miss much in the process. Also, this is one of the quickest ways to reclaim our personal power while restoring balance to your life.

Bonus: Reconnect with what causes you to be enthusiastic. Find ways to bring this into your daily activities.

There you have it. Begin today to recharge, renew and rekindle your enthusiasm!

© 2008 Antoinette S. Webster. All rights reserved.

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