Friday, July 30, 2010

The Fullness of Life

The Fullness of Life and It's Link to Enthusiasm!

Often clients and program participants ask why issues such as stress, forgiveness, grief and resiliency are discussed in connection with enthusiasm.

The answer: these are all a part of life. To deny them denies aspects of what makes us who we are.

* Experiencing stress that zaps our energy or leads to overwhelm;

* Holding on to resentment, grudges, pain...not forgiving others or yourself;

* Denying feeling grief for losses of loved ones, jobs, other things of importance;

All these can interfere with or even stifle our experience and expression of enthusiasm. They then become barriers to living a life of meaning, purpose, passion, joy, authenticity. This interference can inhibit our ability to be resilient and bounce back from the tough stuff of life that may come our way.

Especially over the past few years it is more important than ever for us to: discover and explore ways to move through and release the barriers so we can more easily connect with, experience and express enthusiasm in all aspects of our lives. As many of you already know...that's when the magic happens.

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