Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Enthusiasm! Wisdom/Thoughts

I love to collect quotes, as many of you know. Here are some of the Wisdom and Thoughts on Enthusiasm that I have gathered over the years.

"Enthusiasm dances in the blood stream of the great saints and sages and all the true leaders of the world. Enthusiasm enables a person to realize his goal. Enthusiasm makes you soar. When you become awre of your own great capacity for enthusiasm, you realize there is something sacred within you."

Swami Chidvilasananda
Norman Vincent Peale's
Formula for Making any Day Good
1. Think a good day.
2. Thank a good day.
3. Plan a good day.
4. Pray a good day.
6. Fill the day with enthusiasm.
"Living fully and joyfully all the years or our life is the ideal we desire. Living our purpose, living our talents, living our dreams. Enthusiasm, not empty hype, but genuine, from-the- soul enthusiasm, is the key element that enables us to open that fountain of worth within us and call it forth to share with others."
Joyce Cooper
"Zeal is the power of intensity and enthusiasm. It, like imagination, is what fires our souls and helps us over the hurdles of life, including the part of our being that wants to keep us safe and secure and tied to the way things were.'
Michael A. Maday

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